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Learn about the Automation Process with IIOT Courses and get employed Automation and Instrumentation sector. This is a course in the Automation domain “Best IIoT Courses Industrial Internet of Things No1 Training. 100% Placement Assistance Govt NSDC Approved Skill Development Center India.”

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IIoT Courses Syllabus

This course is loaded with top tier content by driving personnel and industry specialists as recordings and Projects

Learn Industrial Automation with IIoT from the best

IIoT played a major role in the industrial revolution. You can learn IIoT-based industrial automation from ESDC. If you like to capture a job in Automation or in the instrumentation sector then this is the right path for it. One should be a certified professional to get a job in these sectors.

Major Job opportunities in the industrial internet of things in 2023?

  •  IIOT engineer
  • Technical lead in industry 4.0
  • IIoT Embedded engineer
  • Software engineer in the IIoT platform
  • IIoT test engineer
  • Technical architect in IoT
  • Full stack developer – Cloud and IoT service

Who can learn this IIOT course?

  • Automation Engineers
  • Instrumentation Engineers
  • Freshers
  • Data Engineers
  • Business developing professionals
  • Security engineers
  • Embedded engineers
  • Electrical and Electronic Professionals
  • Solution Architects

What you will learn?

  • You will learn about most of the cyber-physical systems in the industrial sector
  • You will learn about industrial cyber security and industrial communications
  • Designing and creating IIoT products
  • Sensor data mining and analytics
  • You will be able to create several IIoT systems
  • Cloud IoT platforms
  • Industrial Security
  • Augmented reality, Big data
  • IIOT communication
  • IIoT fundamentals and wireless network
  • IIoT application development
  • IIOT practicing NodeMCU to PLC

Why should you learn IIOT from ESDC?

IIoT is utilized to achieve industrial digitalization, Industrial internet of things is utilized to develop futuristic industries. IIoT will transform industrial plants into intelligent ones. The flexibility of the industries will be improved by IIoT and also the profit can be increased due to the reduction in downtime. IIoT helps us to monitor and control the industrial process from different parts of the world. We have a lot of industrial professionals to train you and we update our syllabus frequently based on industrial standards. If you plan to learn and acquire industrial experience and skills then ESDC will be the right choice for you. Best IIoT Courses Industrial Internet of Things No1 Training. 100% Placement Assistance Govt NSDC Approved Skill Development Center India

IIoT Course Syllabus

  • Industry 4.0 Architecture
  • Fundamentals of IoT & Wireless Sensor Networks
  •  Embedded C and ARM Cortex Microcontrollers
  • Embedded Linux
  • IoT Protocols & Networking Fundamentals
  • Porting on ARM Cortex Microcontrollers
  • The Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP)
  • MQTT
  • HTTP
  • Web and REST Architecture, Constrained RESTful Environments requirements and Architecture
  • IoT Application Development
  • Difference between IIoT and consumer IoT Applications at technical level
  • PLC
  • HMI
  • NodeMCU
  • IIOT practicing NodeMCU to PLC
  • Thingspeak & Firebase (HTTP ) Cloud
  • Adafruit (MQTT) Cloud
  • Project
Our courses have been planned by industry specialists to assist understudies with accomplishing their fantasy professions

FAQs on IIoT Courses

Full form of IoT and IIoT
Internet of things and industrial internet of things
Difference between IIoT and IoT
IIOT is utilized in the industrial sector while IoT is mostly used in our daily life, like connecting the internet to home appliances.
Is Industrial Automation a good career choice?

Yes, industrial Automation is a good career choice because a lot of industries have been Automated. Small-scale industries are also planning to automate because they can increase their profit and can reduce the conception of energy.

What will be the future of IIoT?

IIOT would make a lot of profit for small-scale and large-scale industries. This would reduce the cost and save a lot of money. IIOT is affordable and it would also improve the security of the industrial plants. In the future, most industries would implement IIOT.

Why should I choose ESDC for Industrial Automation training?

ESDC is the training division of SMEC Automation, SMEC has been in the marine sector for the past two decades. So we are utilizing our expertise in this sector to train our students. We have a lot of industry professionals with us who has experience in Marine Automation, Oil rigs, manufacturing plants, etc. We have included all the relevant topics in our syllabus and we do update our syllabus based on industrial standards.